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Spend Time at home in the flesh

She Said: My boyfriend and I spent the whole day naked together — we made breakfast, watched TV, did some spring cleaning…and got a little hot and heavy in between. I felt so much more attracted to him than usual, and we had way more "s*x" than we usually do on an average day — it was hot! I loved how the experience made us so playful with each other; when we weren't getting it on, we were teasing, tickling, and laughing with each other. At first I did feel a bit insecure about my body, but my boyfriend was full of compliments, and I felt more and more comfortable as the day went on. We really let our walls down and became closer. The whole thing was a blast, and afterward we agreed to make every Sunday "Naked Sunday." This is a great idea for any couple in a trusting relationship on a night home or on a rainy day.

He Says: 
It was so hot being naked with my girlfriend all day! I loved watching her, no matter what she was doing — even just unloading the dishwasher or taking clothes out of the dryer (activities where she was bending over were the hottest!). We had a ton of fun, and I found myself insanely attracted to her throughout the day.


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